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It’s time! For the past 18 years I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to sing amazing songs written by some of the most talented songwriters in the world. Knowing that my life’s purpose is conjoined with the God given gift of music, a year and half ago the music within me began flowing out and my first original body of work called ‘Hope EP,’ which you can listen to in its entirety below, was created.



The Hope EP is a resounding success that is not only providing quality entertainment but more importantly hope and healing to captivated listeners. Now is the time to build upon what the Hope EP started. I am asking you to join me as I embark on the journey towards my debut Album fittingly titled ‘Hope’s Stand.’ I cannot and would not want to do this on my own because I understand that we can do much more together than on our own.

Hope’s Stand, the Album, will be the fulfillment of what the Hope EP started with songs like “It’s Time” that has become a rallying cry for generations or “Dream On,” which is breathing new life into dormant dreams, and “Hold On” which has comforted people facing some of the most difficult of situations. Listen!, I’m not simply asking you to help fund this Album, I need you to join me on this God given mission to become Hope to the hopeless.

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Simply put, the ‘Hope’s Stand’ album project is the funding campaign that will allow my team and I to produce the most relevant and professional album possible. Someone recently asked me what the goal of this album is and after praying about it I believe its purpose is to be a catalyst for Hope’s triumphant return as a driving force in our lives. This is not my project it is our project, let’s do this together.



In order to create an album that will impact the world, my team and I carefully budgeted the total cost of the Hope’s Stand Album Project at $25,000.00. Below you will see the cost breakdown for the project.


This is entirely possible! What I love about we are doing is that it will take all of us doing the best that we can to accomplish this financial goal. The “Hope EP” was a miracle and I am expecting nothing less with “Hope’s Stand.”


As a token of our appreciation for your financial contribution we created 12 reward tiers based on the various levels of support for the Hope’s Stand project. You can find the entire list of rewards to the right of this web page.

Regardless of what you are able to contribute, I do not take your contribution for granted. I am honored that you believe in this project enough to contribute your hard earned money to it. I know you will be proud of what we create.

After you contribute to a specific tier we will contact you with information regarding the estimated fulfillment date.


Let’s talk about our timetable!

In the first 31 days of the project close to $10,000 was raised for the project. The  project was then extended and our goal is to finish raising the $25,000 as soon as possible.


If we surpass our funding goal of $25,000 before the 31 day campaign period is completed the additional finances will enable us to expand the scope and reach of the Hope’s Stand album project.

Who is brian nhira

Since the age of 4 I have had the wonderful opportunity to perform at over 500 events in 14 states and 3 different countries including a special solo performance on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Other notable venues and events I have performed at included the BMX classic at the Quik Trip Center, Tulsa Shock WNBA team at the BOK Center, Word Explosion International Conference hosted by Victory Christian Center, ORU Ignite, Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park in Detroit, and for the OKC Thunder NBA team at the Chesapeake Energy Arena just to name a few.



My mission is simple: With every lyric I write and with every note I sing, I seek to infuse hope and inspiration into the hearts of people worldwide. My purpose is to reignite the dreams of those that have given up, comfort those that are hurting, and become a voice for those that do not have one.

I love you and appreciate you! – Brian Nhira


  • Brian Nhira Music, LLC. is not a nonprofit organization, therefore your contribution is not tax deductible.
  • If you have any questions or comments about this campaign please e-mail

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